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Beyond the Body: The Real Wonder of Womanhood

Last week, Kim Kardashian made the news…again. I confess that I usually just ignore any and all news surrounding the Kardashian family. In fact, I had to Google their name to make sure I spelled it correctly.  Apparently, she and another woman (who I didn’t bother to Google) decided they would post pictures of themselves on… Continue reading Beyond the Body: The Real Wonder of Womanhood

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A Note to My Daughters about Life and Living

Some days I have to take a break from social media. The news, the grapevine, the problems, and the constant opinions of others agitates me.  A full diet of social media is information overload and emotions overwhelmed and can leave one vacillating between guilt, anger, and fear with the simple scroll of the mouse. As a… Continue reading A Note to My Daughters about Life and Living

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Big Girls Don’t Cry?

   Last weekend I attended a women’s conference for women in ministry.  We took a personality style test that revealed how others perceive you.  After twenty-eight questions, I came away with the title of “The Victor” which as I already know fits this type-A, reformed control freak and perfectionist to a tee. The problem started when… Continue reading Big Girls Don’t Cry?

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The Blossoming of Nim and Two Questions Girls Want Answered

  Ten girls and three horses. I’ve recently embarked on a journey with a few friends.  We’re working with a group of teen girls this summer.  My heart breaks as we hear some of their stories.  But we move ahead using our horses to teach how life works best when we live it with God in the lead.… Continue reading The Blossoming of Nim and Two Questions Girls Want Answered

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

I must confess that when I pass the mirror these days, I find myself startled.  I can’t help it.  It seems strange to see a middle-aged woman looking back at me.  Inside I am the same girl I was 20 years ago. Unfortunately, the mirror tells another story. Our culture is in love with youthfulness… Continue reading Mirror, Mirror on the Wall