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Being a pastor’s wife has been one of the most challenging, wonderful, and sometimes, painful parts of my life!  It is difficult to run the race in the fishbowl.  But God is and will be faithful to carry you through the difficult times and grow you into the beautiful woman He created you to be!  Shake off the people-pleasing, intimidation, and walk in the joy of helping people KNOW God.

“The greatest loss to humanity comes when unique treasures try to dull their shine to fit in with the crowd rather than display their brilliance for all to behold.”  -Saundra Dalton-Smith, MD, Set Free to Live Free

Here are a few links for blogs I wrote specifically for you, the pastor’s wife…may God give you great grace to love His people and finish the race with beauty and dignity! Represent Him well.  Don’t quit!  You are exactly who He has chosen to lead your church for this time!

  1. Resist the Pressure of the Mask: Charisma Magazine
  2. Love Your Pastor Husband: Her Green Room
  3. Focus on Him: Her Green Room/
  4. Acceptance with Joy: Her Green Room
  5. Why Am I Doing This Anyway?: Her Green Room
  6. When You Feel Like Quitting: Charisma Magazine
  7.  Finding a Real Sisterhood: Her Green Room
  8. Did God Really Say?
  9.  When People Leave Your Church: Her Green Room
  10. When Waiting Feels Hard: Her Green Room
  11.  Perils of a Pastor’s Wife: When You Find Yourself in a Crisis of Faith
  12. Avoiding Isolation: Her Green Room
  13. Answering the Call: You’re a Pastor’s Wife?
  14. Help! Where Do I Hide in this Fishbowl?

I also wrote a book, especially with you in mind.  You are no mistake.  Walk in that truth every day as you lead people!  Help! I’m Married to the Pastor

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