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Over the years, I’ve accumulated a great many tools that have helped me parent in difficult situations with difficult behavior. This is my spot to share those tidbits here. Recognize your child is unique and so are you as the parent. It is our responsibility as a parent to use the tools that work and toss out those things that don’t.

Discipline Do’s & Don’t’s

 Do take action; don’t use words
 Do use natural consequences that fit the behavior; don’t overreact!
 Do be motivated by love; don’t be motivated out of anger/revenge.
 Do use the element of surprise; don’t be in a rush UNLESS your child is young.
 Do apply discipline even when it is inconvenient; don’t be inconsistent.
 Do nurture your relationship with Jesus, keep your sense of humor; don’t forget to care for yourself!

Here are the house rules we have come up with to help guide us during the crazy years:

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