The Joys and Pitfalls of Womanhood

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This culture heralds STRONG, CONFIDENT, women.

But what happens when we come up short and reach the end of ourselves?

Where does our identity come from?  What defines us as women?  Our body, job, a man, children, or material wealth?  More than ever, there are so many distractions for women today.  We can place our identity in THINGS that were never meant to bear it and find it comes up empty-or worse, we come up broken.

I am more than a sexual being.  I am more than a mother of four children.  I am more than a pastor’s wife.  I am first and most of all, His daughter.  God has defined us first as His daughters!  As an image-bearer, I was created with that purpose of being identified with Him.  Apart from that identity, I will always be missing “something”.  Being a wife, mother, doctor, teacher, or anything else-these are all just things we do.  And when you allow God to define you, you will “do” or love all those other things well.   When you come back to God through Jesus, you find that He accepts you.  You find that you are securely held in your position as His daughter and you are highly valued now with significance, purpose, and definition!

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A message on emotional healing by Kimberly Waldie from March 16, 2014:



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