Brat Talk Bites: Rules to Live By

These are a compilation of our house rules that we established during the SURVIVAL years after fostering and adoption from different parenting sources.

 Rude to the supplier = No new supplies
 If you misuse it, you lose it.
 If you mess it up, you clean it up.
 The world does not revolve around you, but was meant to be impacted by you.
 Poor behavior costs you, not me.
 I cannot make you do anything, but I will hold you accountable.
 Choices have consequences and these are the consequences of your choices.
 Respectful, responsible, and fun to be with!
 Hitting someone in anger is NEVER ok.
 Name-calling is not allowed in this house, this house is your safe zone.
 Action, not words! (courtesy of Dr. Kevin Leman)
 Success in parenting has nothing to do with a child’s behavior; rather, it is determined by the fact that I can lay my head down each night and say I’ve done the very best I knew how to do TODAY.- Kimberly Waldie
 Don’t sweat the small stuff.
 Choose the hills you want to die on.- Carey Waldie
 Children are not a hassle, they are a blessing to be enjoyed! – God
 If you can’t say something nice, don’t say it. – Everybody’s Mother
 If MOM can’t say something nice, she shouldn’t say it. – Kimberly Waldie

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